Knitting machine problems

I have been looking to see if I can but another knitting machine and ribber similar to mine, but cannot find anywhere that sells them. I am now retired and cannot afford to spend a fortune on a new machine, but would really like to return to knitting on a machine. I gained such a sense of achievement. Could anyone please advise where I can get help with this. I now live in the Thanet area of Kent.

Hello Bridget,
Sorry to hear you are having problems with your machine. You do not say what exactly is wrong with it, does it just need the sponge bar replacing or is it worse than that?
If it is unusable and you want to replace it, I would suggest the best place to look is eBay. There are usually some Toyota machines advertised at reasonable prices as well as machines from Brother and Knitmaster.
Otherwise there are some dealers who advertise in MKM and although their machines would cost a bit more they will have been serviced and have a few months warranty.
Hoping you find what you are looking for,
Sue P
2010-11-24 21:41:56