May 2022 (Issue 292) with Alison Dupernex and Bill King

Our full-colour May 2022 issue has gone out to subscribers and our cover design is an easy-to-knit stocking stitch top, with colours flowing from the yarn as we knit. We’ve a real mix of patterns for standard, LK-150, mid-gauge and chunky machines including a timeless design from Alison Dupernex. We’ve punchcard ideas for changing colours on a punchcard design and an article and pattern for knitting seamless socks on Japanese machines. Bill King shows us how to turn a simple needle layout into some fabulous fabrics and we’ve the exceptional talent of Susan Guagliumi offering lots of free help and advice. We help Passap owners to clean and care for their machine and Nic Corrigan introduces her Whitehall Studio and online space for machine knitters of all abilities. We’ve a great article on making your own chenille yarn for knitting and Sally-Ann Carroll introduces Spring’s favourite mood-busting hue with key trends. Our mail order shop has been restocked and we always have help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details.

2 thoughts on “May 2022 (Issue 292) with Alison Dupernex and Bill King

  1. Hello
    Does anyone know of any repair people or shops for the Brother KH-260 bulky knitting machine? I’m located in Western Washington. The carriage is jamming in the left-to-right movement and I’ve already done all the problem solving, cleaning and oiling I know how to do from YouTube etc. Thanks for any help, Jean

    1. Have you tried Knitting Paradise for help? There are lots of machine knitters on there. The Answer Lady on You Tube is also a good source of repair videos. Something may be bent on one side of your carriage, but you could also try rubbing an anti-static sheet over the bed and the carriage. Something like Bounce laundry sheets often seems to cure machine tics.

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