August 2022 (Issue 295) with Alison Dupernex and Bill King

The cover design on our full-colour August 2022 issue is an A-line top that’s perfect when the sun shines. It’s in easy-to-knit stocking stitch with colours flowing from the yarn as we knit. We’ve our usual mix of patterns for men, women and children on standard, LK-150, mid-gauge and chunky machines including two Anne Baker Karabee Designs. We’ve the final two patterns in a series of three mix ‘n’ match slip stitch designs from Alison Dupernex as well as a feature taking a new look at the old technique of felting.¬† Dee Crew has another design for us in her Show & Tell series and this time it’s a plated top with lace motifs and step-by-step instructions. It’s time to smile as Bill King makes a feature of the ‘grin-through’ of Jacquard fabric and the exceptional talent of Susan Guagliumi offers lots of free help and advice. We’ve a summer top to run up in ribbon yarn in Stash Box and Sally-Ann Carroll guides us through the summer ‘must haves’ to update our knits with practicality and comfort. Our mail order shop has been restocked and we always have help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details.

3 thoughts on “August 2022 (Issue 295) with Alison Dupernex and Bill King

  1. Is there a mistake in Anne Baker’s Snow Flower neckband? The part for the neckband calls for 1×1 rib cast on with MT+3/MT+1. For me that would be tension 10 and tension 8. This is way too high for a cast on on a brother standard machine. I cannot get my machine to cast on with these settings.
    Usually cast on is 0/0 or similar. With those big numbers the yarn just floats above the needles and is not caught up on the second pass!
    I tried again with MT-3/MT-1 and, of course, it still would not work.
    Please help me.
    Thank you,
    Rita McElroy
    Raleigh, NC, USA

    1. Hi Rita

      Thanks for asking about Anne Baker’s Snow Flower pattern and and I think the instructions are okay.

      The MT+3/MT+1 is just the zigzag row. (You don’t do a second pass.) The comb and weights then go in and the neckband is knitted on MT-3 and MT-4. The main neckband tension is the same as the welts and cuffs.

      You need the ‘loose’ row so it doesn’t pull in and sits nicely around the neck when to neckband is picked up and then attached to the cardigan.

      Best wishes, Anne

  2. Do you mean you do not do the circular rows of the cast on after you do the zigzag? That is where I drop the ribber stitches because they are not tight enough in the hooks.
    I have just completed the neckband and have it on the baby cardigan. I used T0/T0 for the zigzag row and the circular rows. It worked and it lays smoothly on the neckline of the cardigan.
    Thank you for replying.

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