Oct 2012 (Iss 177)


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This month Clair Crowston’s sweater is on the cover. We’ve 8 designs (with 10 patterns) for standard gauge, LK150 mid gauge machines and chunky models including conversion notes to help everyone knit any design on any machine. We use up oddments making kids’ coat hangers in Stash Box. There’s Clubline, Dear Anne, Style File and Joan Lafferty reminds us to think about Christmas. Bill King reminds us that travelling ribs continue to be popular, Beryl Jarvis turns her attention to making up and we’ve reached Chapter 10 of Vivienne Fagan’s Murder She Knit. Carl Boyd’s design is a stunning Fair Isle man’s sweater and Alice Wilmshurst has lots of Passap top tips this month. Our regular features include masses of news, books and fashion in Newsline plus Book Review and reader savings.

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