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Dear Readers

It’s been another busy month so let me start with the news just in that the Knitting and Crochet Guild July 2020 Convention, which had been postponed until September, has been cancelled and moved to September 2021. There will now be an ‘Un-Convention’ week-long virtual event running from 9th to 15th September 2020. It will include workshops, videos, discussions, show and tell and much more, across various social media channels. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch via

It now seems unlikely that many face-to-face events will be possible for the remainder of this year. We must, therefore, all do what we can to make sure we keep machine knitting afloat. Our clubs have taken a pounding and are doing their best to keep members interested and connected. Sue Snook wrote to me back in March to tell me about the Downend Machine Knitters in Bristol and asked to be put in our Clubs Directory. Little did we know then that our monthly clubs listing would go on hold, as a chunk of the country was about to enter lockdown. Schools and leisure centres closed and, as clubs use them as venues, meetings had to be cancelled. Our Nottingham Show bit the dust and many knitters are still self-isolating or shielding. The staff at Bournemouth School for Girls will be on a new learning curve as they re-open the school for teaching in September and this brings me to my sad but, I suppose, inevitable news that there will be no Bournemouth Show this October. Let’s hope that the ‘new normal’ that lies ahead for all of us, will include the possibility to meet up again to enjoy our craft.

Now let’s have a little bit of cheer. In around a month’s time, King Cole will launch two new yarns and we hope to have some samples in time to include a garment in the September magazine. For one of them, dust off and stand by your LK-150. If the hand-knitted sample is replicated on a machine, it will give us the most spectacular results I’ve seen in a long time, from knitting plain stocking stitch. The second yarn is an Aran weight and if that’s fine on the machine, there’s a couple of nice men’s designs in the pipeline.

Finally, we send our congratulations to Fay Butcher who writes our Passap articles. At the AGM of Macknit Inc earlier this year, Eleanor Goldfinch retired and Fay was elected President until 2021. I’m so pleased that between us all, machine knitting is very much alive and kicking both here and down under. Until next time, keep well and stay safe – all of you.


September 2020

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Thank you NHS

Iris Rowe has designed this rainbow for us to knit and hang in a window, to thank care workers in our area

PATTERN RATING * Easy to knit.

MACHINES This pattern is written for all standard gauge machines. Use a mid-gauge or chunky machine and thicker yarn for a larger version

MATERIALS Any suitable 4-ply yarn Small amounts in Lilac (L), Magenta (M), Blue (B), Green (G), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), Red (R).

MEASUREMENTS Height around 8 cm, 3¼ in. Width 32 cm, 12½ in.

TENSION No tension gauge is necessary. Iris used Tension Dial setting 5 as main tension (MT) throughout unless otherwise stated. The knitting needs to be tighter than for a garment.

ABBREVIATIONS For a list of abbreviations we use, please turn to page 62 in any magazine.

NOTES Iris used knit side of knitting as right side. ‘Thread off’ means break yarn, using a bodkin, thread end through stitches and release from machine. Always leave a long length of yarn when casting on and casting off to use for making up.

TO KNIT Push 21 Ns to WP. Lilac curve Using L make a woven or automatic closed edge cast on. Set RC at 000 and K to RC 015. Place a WY marker on centre N, then K to RC 025. Place a WY marker on centre N, then K to RC 035. Place a WY marker on centre N, then K to RC 045. Place a WY marker on centre N, then K to RC 055. Place a WY marker on centre N, then K to RC 070. Thread off.

Magenta curve Using M knit in the same way placing WY markers on rows 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60, then K to RC 080. Thread off.

Blue curve Using B, work in the same way placing WY markers on rows 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65, then K to RC 090. Thread off.

Green curve Using G, work in the same way placing WY markers on rows 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70, then K to RC 100. Thread off.

Yellow curve Using Y, work in the same way placing WY markers on rows 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75, then K to RC 110. Thread off.

Orange curve Using O, work in the same way placing WY markers on rows 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80, then K to RC 120. Thread off.

Red curve Using R, work in the same way placing WY markers on rows 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85, then K to RC 130. Thread off.

MAKING UP With right sides tog, pull up stitches at each end of tubes, secure then join seams. Turn right side out, making sure roll is even. Using a long piece of red yarn, make a large knot in one end Start at centre and thread lilac tube onto yarn followed by correct sequence of colours, removing WY no longer needed. Lay tubes on a flat surface and straighten out. Pull tubes together lightly then make a small stitch at top of red tube to hold in place. Fasten off on inside of tube. Repeat this process each side of centre join. Using a very long length of red yarn thread a bodkin with a double length. Make a large knot in the end. Thread through the tubes starting with lilac and keeping in line with last set of WY markers. At top of red tube make a small stitch, take yarn across to WY marker on the other side leaving a long loop at top of rainbow to hang it in place. Adjust length as required. Make a small stitch before threading yarn through each tube until you reach the bottom. Pull slightly and fasten off inside the tube. Hang in your window.

July 2020 new subscriptions

This is July 2020 and our latest issue

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July 2020 (Issue 270)

Our full-colour July 2020 issue has gone out to subscribers and is officially on sale on Thursday 11th June. Our cover design also has a V-neck version with a hood and we always tell you how to knit all our patterns on standard gauge machines. Sally-Ann Carroll brings us a bright and sunny summer and Bill King keeps the lockdown boredom at bay in Masterclass. By very popular demand, we’ve sold out of the original magazines, so Bill King’s Spider’s Web design is repeated in this issue! Lorna Roach uses jelly beans to add colour and life to her knitted socks and Karin Rogalski shows us how to knit our own face masks to match our knitted wardrobe. We’ve instructions for quick and easy head bands and back straps for front line workers and a rainbow to knit and hang in a window to say: “Thank you NHS”. We help each other through the lockdown and always include news and reviews, letters, club details and book offers with great savings from Search Press.

May 2020 update

Dear Readers

First of all, I hope my letter this month finds you as safe and as well as we are here. I’m fine, as are all the MKM contributors and everything is ticking over, albeit in a slightly different way than before. We all continue to be in lockdown, along with Susan in the States and Fay in Australia. Many of you have called to say how thrilled you’ve been that a number of companies who support our magazine are continuing to dispatch orders, so we’re all managing to keep things going. I’m indebted to the staff at King Cole, who have moved mountains to send us some of the vital things we need, to bring you this month’s magazine. So let me send a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone helping to keep the home fires burning.

One new thing which might be of interest is that Aldi now has a hobby and craft range, which can be ordered online. There’s lots to interest crafters such as threads for embroidery and tapestry, fat quarters for sewers, magnifying table lights and yarn for hand knitting. As you’d expect, prices are keen and is the place to visit to check it out. As we all try to work our way through this lockdown, don’t forget that Hobbycraft always has a huge range of beginner step-by-step guides, crafting materials and lots of free downloads at

Sally Butcher has written to tell us about her lockdown knitting and remind us about her Beginners Circle Facebook Group. If you’d find it of interest, email her at and she’ll let you have the details. We’ve also asked on our Clubline page if you’d let us know if you come across a new way to keep your members connected. We’ve had the sad news from Joy Hopkins that Carbery Machine Knitting Club in Christchurch is set to close, so it’s even more important to try to keep as much of our machine-knitting community going as possible. If you stay connected with virtual options such as Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom, please share. I’ve kept our website updated as much as possible, passing on requests such as knitting hearts for Covid-19 patients. Iris came to the rescue with a machine-knitted pattern and it’s in Dear Anne this month. Please email me with any ways you’ve found to keep in touch, such as the Long Buckby Machine Knitters special monthly newsletter. It’s posted on their website at and available for everyone to access.

Next month we’ve a treat in store for you when we’ll be At Home with Lorna Roach in Australia. She’s sent us her step-by-step guide to dyeing yarn all the colours of the rainbow with jelly beans. Yes, we really are going to head for the kitchen and have some fun! Until next time, we’re still saying to each other… keep well and stay safe.


July 2020

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Current update

Dear Readers

As we all tried to navigate the unknown of the coronavirus situation, it became very clear, incredibly quickly that we had to follow the government’s advice. Therefore, it was with a heavy heart and great sadness that I cancelled this year’s Nottingham Show. Shortly after, of course, West Park Leisure Centre received the order to close its doors with immediate effect.

Many knitting clubs have called to say that they’ve decided to suspend their meetings and our Clubs Directory list gives you all the contact details, should you have any queries. Michelle Ferguson has told me that The Scottish Machine Knitters have cancelled their Spring Workshop on Saturday 18th April. For the most up-to-date SMK details, please visit

Many of the companies who support the magazine are following the Government’s Public Health England advice on Covid-19 and have closed their shops to the general public. However, a large number are currently working online as normal and continuing to dispatch orders until they’re advised otherwise. With so many of us spending more time at home, perhaps a little more knitting will be done and mail order is always a reliable and excellent option.

It’s business here as usual and I hope to stay that way. If the situation changes, I’ll let you know on the website and you can always email with any queries. Our printers remain open and Royal Mail is still delivering, so the May 2020 magazine will be sent out as usual next week. The readers who may be affected are those buying their copies in local outlets, as small shops have now been ordered to close. If you buy your magazine this way, I can always send a copy from the office.

As we all work together to protect ourselves at these unprecedented times, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. As others in a similar situation, I’ll carry on mailing orders until notified otherwise and I’m only an email away if you need my help. Stay safe and look after one another.

Nottingham Show 2020 is cancelled

With growing concern over the current Coronavirus (COVID-19), heeding the health advice and using common sense, we feel the most sensible decision is to cancel this year’s show on Sunday 5th April. We’re sorry to disappoint exhibitors and visitors, but feel this is a prudent decision in these uncertain times.

March update

Dear Readers

April 2020 is the 34th birthday of MKM and it’s a huge achievement that we’ve kept our magazine and craft going for so long. It’s especially rewarding that our current and future articles include many leading professionals in machine knitting such as (in alphabetical order, of course!) Elaine Cater, Alison Dupernex, Susan Guagliumi, Bill King, Nina Miklin and Claire Newberry. Bill, Nina and Claire will join us at our Nottingham Show on Sunday 5th April at West Park Leisure Centre in Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton NG10 4AA from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and details are on Page 47. It will be Claire’s first visit and she’ll bring her laptop, answer every question you may have on DesignaKnit and tell you about the courses she runs. I’m also delighted that Yarn2Cone will come to the show for the first time. You’ve not seen them before, but the name has been in the magazine for many months. They’ll bring a selection of hanks and cones of their current yarns and I’ve also asked them to bring some of their long socks. Made from 90% British wool and 10% nylon, they come in various colours and sizes from 4-7 and 8-12, so are perfect for inside wellies!

I need to let you know that The Scottish Machine Knitters will hold a Spring Workshop on Saturday 18th April from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at Parklands Hall, 192 West Stirling Street, Alva FK12 5BG. The cost is £5 for members, £8 for non-members and tickets can be bought on the door. Tea and coffee will be available but take your own lunch. There will be a raffle and sales table, home baking and a Knit Clinic, demonstrations, yarn, books and magazines. For more details, visit

If you live in Northern Ireland, there’s  a craft event from 26th to 28th March at the Stormont Hotel in Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 3LP from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (4.30 pm on Saturday). Look out for knitting, stitching, textiles, yarn, sewing machines, vintage and more. There are classes and workshops plus a Stitchers Dinner on Friday evening. Call Margaret on 07710-995034 or email for details.

Newsline has a slightly different look this month. We highlight Alison Dupernex’s new book and reader offer, as well as the start of a series of articles and patterns from Susan Guagliumi. Over the past 30 or so years, she’s become our ‘go-to’ authority on hand-manipulated techniques and written four books on machine knitting. Both Susan and Alison have an easy-to-follow style and inspire everyone to fall in love with machine knitting all over again. Alison’s book is nothing short of amazing and Susan’s articles start with some incredible cable trims next month. This time, though, sit back and enjoy Nina Miklin’s fabulous ideas for frills and trims. They’re all easy to knit and have an endless number of possible uses. Until next month, knit happy and do join us in Nottingham if you possibly can.


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April 2020 new subscriptions

This is April 2020 and our latest issue

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April 2020 – our new issue

Our full-colour April 2020 issue has been sent to subscribers and is on sale 12th March. Our cover design is a quick ‘n’ easy sweater in King Cole Opium, which glides through LK-150 and chunky machines and we always show you how to knit all our designs on standard gauge machines. We’ve a 4-page pullout of Nina Miklin frills and trims and the launch of the stunning new book from Alison Dupernex, with reader saving of 20%. You’ll never knit drab beige again after opening up her radiant book. Sally-Ann Carroll helps us and our knits look our very best for a special occasion and Bill King’s space cables are amazing. Claire Newberry finds an exciting new feature in DesignaKnit 9 and Joan Lafferty shows us how to knit intarsia with an ordinary carriage. We always include news and reviews, letters, club details and this time we’ve a taste of spring and summer to come, with techniques and designs from Susan Guagliumi.