September update

Dear Readers

Yes, this is the October issue and summer seems to have come and gone without many of us noticing! My wake-up call has been all the ‘seasonal’ press releases flooding into my in-box. I’d better get my act together for next month, but the first thing I need to do is let you know is that Susan Guagliumi has closed her website. Her books are still available and she continues to teach, but you’ll now find her at

One huge benefit is that it’s given her the time to produce a new design for us and the photos on Pages 32 and 34 show its incredible versatility. Big really is beautiful, but you need a quality yarn to carry it off. Susan has used Tahki Yarns Donegal Tweed Fine, available on both sides of the pond. This gorgeous Irish yarn is 70% Wool and 30% Mohair for a great look and the softest feel next to your skin. As the magazine goes worldwide, visit if you’d like to find a stockist. Another excellent source of free yarn information is With Susan’s blessing and Judith Duffy’s kind permission, we’ve included instructions for the Duffy Cabled Edging. As many of us have said, we’d love to have been the knitter who first created it, but that accolade is Judith’s. To see Susan knitting it, please visit

Alex Raw ( returns this month with a new design for us. His traditional Fair Isle sweater and hat will be very popular and the 12-stitch pattern repeat can either be used as it is, or doubled up for punchcard machines. He’s also drawn our attention to one of the most extensive collections of free patterns on the internet. With over 30 years in knitting and crochet design, DROPS Design offers over 10,000 patterns, all translated into English (UK/cm) and 16 other languages. To view the full range of free patterns along with yarn for sale, please visit

As I promised last month, Bill’s sweater is on Page 23 and I’ve really enjoyed working with him on it. From our past shows in Nottingham I know that many of you spin, so perhaps Bill’s spinning, dyeing and knitting will ignite a spark? Many years ago I inherited a spinning wheel that’s yet to be used, so a lesson or two and some extra hours in a day need to go on my bucket list. His great suggestion that we use a mix of odds and ends in our stash for the thickness, or hand-feed the yarn through the carriage offers lots more possibilities. With the prospect of an even busier few weeks ahead, I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine and, until next month, knit happy!

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October 2023 (Issue 309) with Bill King and Susan Guagliumi

The cover design on our full-colour October 2023 issue is an autumn cardigan for an extra layer of warmth and we’ve our usual mix of patterns for men, women and children on standard gauge, LK-150 mid-gauge and chunky machines including a tiny cardigan from one of Anne Baker’s much loved prem-baby collections. Our highlights this month are Bill King’s gorgeous sweater, which he’s knitted from yarn he’s spun and dyed himself. Alex Raw ( shares his latest Nordic-style Fair Isle sweater and hat and Susan Guagliumi’s ( cropped and boxy oversized sweater with the Judith Duffy cabled edging will be an enduring favourite in your wardrobe. Claire Newberry explains how to shape a ‘V’ neck in Jacquard knitting in DesignaKnit and Bill King explores some new ways to transfer stitches from one bed to another. Dee Crew knits a selection of scalloped edgings in holding position and Sally-Ann Carroll brings us the latest trends and colours. Our mail order shop is always open and we’ve help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details.

August 2023 update

Dear Readers

I’ve had fun this month, keeping up with Bill King and his latest project. It started off when he sent me the photo, on Page 54, of hanks of yarn drying in the sun. I loved it and asked him to tell me more. It seems he was given a raw fleece and decided to have a go at spinning some yarn. Having not used his spinning wheel for a long time he admits he was a bit rusty. However, the hypnotic pleasure of drawing out the carded fleece soon took over. He admits the yarn was rather uneven, but there was huge satisfaction in watching the hanks of yarn pile up. He plied two ends of his spun yarn together and was fully intending to hand knit it, but set off in a different direction before he found a pair of needles.

A trip to his freezer revealed some damsons and black currants that needed using. Then, inspired (of course!) by Alison’s article last month, he was side-tracked into a colour change. Having dyed the hanks with the fruit, such was his excitement to see it knitted, he abandoned thoughts of rather slow hand knitting in favour of his chunky machine.

It’s a matter of opinion, but I agree with Bill that machine knitting can be compatible with hand-spun yarn. However, feeding the yarn manually rather than threading it through the tension mast helps to take away some of the mechanised neatness of machine knitting. The uneven nature of the dye, with some hanks taking more colour than others, changed the colour of Bill’s original raw fleece to a lovely Ombré dusky purplish grey. Turn to Page 11 and you’ll see him wearing his new sweater. I asked him (nicely!) to tell me what he’d done and he’s sent me the basics. I’ve turned it into a pattern, hoping it may inspire some of you to try something a bit different and it’s coming in our October issue.

This month Bill turns his hand to some amazing stitch transfer patterns with his much-loved 7-prong tool and Alison has been knitting a wall of colour. Barbara’s stunning jacket and skirt is an all-time classic and next month they’ll be joined by Susan Guagliumi. She’s sent us two gorgeous sweaters – one is a boxy tweed sweater and the other is a top with a twist. The fronts are knitted extra-long, then grafted together at the back neck. The extra length is given a quick twist before it’s slipped over the head, to create a draped, scarf-like front. You’ll love both designs and we’re so fortunate to have la crème de la crème in the magazine. Until next time, knit happy!

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September 2023 (Issue 308) with Alison Dupernex, Bill King and Barbara Faulkner

The cover design on our full-colour September 2023 issue is a smart, casual and cosy classic sweater and we’ve our usual mix of patterns for men, women and children on standard gauge, LK-150 mid-gauge and chunky machines. With summer still with us, we’ve a good selection of designs. Claire Newberry has been out and about for DAK knitters and Bill King returns to the endless variety of options using the 7-prong transfer tool. Alison Dupernex gives us a wall of colour inspiration for her simple design and we feature two classic Barbara Faulkner designs for standard gauge and Passap machines. Dee Crew uses the slip setting to knit scallop borders and the exceptional talent of Susan Guagliumi offers lots of free help and advice. A spot of TV creeps in to inspire Joan Lafferty and autumn is approaching, so Sally-Ann Carroll looks at ready-made styles and colours in the shops. Fay Butcher knits half tubular for very wide fabric on her Passap and our mail order shop is always open. We’ve help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details.

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There’s so much to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Use code JULY15 at the checkout and the sale is running until 31/07/2023, so visit NOW!

Virtual crochet-along 


This autumn, Knitcraft by Hobbycraft will be collaborating with crochet designer Alice Tarry of @the_burrow_uk to bring customers a virtual crochet-along (CAL) that will help crafters try out new stitches and explore new colour combinations, leaving them with a colourful and cosy blanket for the new season.
The Fall into Autumn CAL will launch on 22nd September and will run for 7 weeks. Every Friday at 10.00 am Knitcraft will release a new section of the pattern on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub and on the @KnitcraftHQ channel, along with videos from @the_burrow_uk talking viewers through each stitch and sharing some crochet tips on the Hobbycraft YouTube channel

Throughout the seven weeks, crafters will be able to share their progress on their social channels by tagging @KnitcraftHQ and using the hashtag #FallIntoAutumnKC The blanket is great for a beginner that wants to build on their skills or a more advanced crocheter that loves exploring new stitches and colour combinations. Customers who want to get involved in the creative craft will be able to purchase a yarn bundle closer to the CAL launch, which will include a selection of Women’s Institute Brown Premium Acrylic Yarn in all the shades you need to complete the blanket. Full details of the bundle will be shared at a later date. For those who want to try their hand at crochet before the start of the CAL in September, they can check out some of the great Autumn crochet projects available on the Ideas Hub. 

How to Crochet an Autumn Fox Wreath image number 1How to Crochet an Autumn Fox Wreath

How to Crochet Pumpkins image number 1How to Crochet Pumpkins

How to Crochet an Autumn Textured Snood image number 1How to Crochet an Autumn Textured Snood  

July 2023 update

Dear Readers

After the cold, wet and miserable start to the year, hosepipe bans are a sure sign that summer has arrived, so I’ve included some pretty tops this time. Adapt them to suit your mood, stash or machine. If time is short, use variegated yarn for instant colour. Change a cable into a lace panel and remember that a row of lace holes over alternate needles is a great way to break up a simple stripe. With the prospect of fine weather and the inevitable clutter in the garden rather than the kitchen, why not join Alison Dupernex and her ideas for hand dyeing with indigo.

It always seems to be this time of the year when you ask me for details about TWAM (Tools With A Mission). Each year, this Christian charity sends around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of refurbished tools to support local people in their own community. TWAM will take manual, electric and treadle sewing machines, knitting machines including yarn and needles, lots of haberdashery such as needles, cottons, large material pieces or rolls of fabric plus buttons and zips. They’ll also take tools for agricultural workers, builders, carpenters, electricians, motor mechanics and plumbers, as well as power tools and items from workshops. Children’s educational books are also passed on. Tools with a Mission is at 2 Bailey Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0UD. Call them on 01473-210220 or visit

Patricia Dadson runs the Knitaholics club in Romford and there’s a thriving machine knitting community in that part of Essex. Her sad news, just too late for last month’s magazine, was that Edwina Dunham passed away at the end of May aged 73 years. Edwina had been in hospital after a fall and then suffered a stroke. She’ll be missed by all the Essex clubs, as she not only supplied their machines but was willing to demonstrate and deal with problems. Her husband Roy always went with her and he was equally very helpful. We send sincere condolences to Edwina’s family and all those who knew her.

Until next time, have a sunny month and knit happy!

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August 2023 (Issue 307) with Alison Dupernex and Bill King

The cover design on our full-colour August 2023 issue is a comfy-fit top in self-striping yarn and we’ve our usual mix of patterns for men, women and children on standard gauge, LK-150 mid-gauge and chunky machines. With temperatures on the rise, we’ve a good selection of summer tops. Claire Newberry shows how to use some of the sections of the Graphics Studio in DAK and Bill King guides us through the gentle art of turning work on the machine. Alison Dupernex knits a cardigan in Bourette Silk, then hand-dyes with Indigo and we share the story of knitwear designer Ann Blackwell’s move from Nottingham to New York. Dee Crew adds pretty hems to a garment after the main pieces have been knitted and the exceptional talent of Susan Guagliumi offers lots of free help and advice. Think pink! It’s a shade that flatters us all, says Sally-Ann Carroll and Fay Butcher adds a finishing touch to Passap garments. Our mail order shop is open and we always have help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details.

June 2023 update

Dear Readers

I very much enjoy keeping up with Nic Corrigan and her Machine Knit Community ( Her inclusive, supportive community inspires knitters of all levels through classes, talks and workshops with leading designers and practitioners. Whether you’re a complete beginner, someone returning to their machine or an experienced knitter looking for a challenge, the community has lots to offer. There are workshops you can take at your own pace and step-by-step videos to get you started. Enjoy free technique classes, talks, KALs, challenges and masterclasses, along with access to a global international community. You’ll recognise familiar names such as our own Alison Dupernex, Bill King and Claire Newberry. Along with them and other MKC guest presenters is Kandy Diamond. She’s a designer, artist and senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Kandy teaches across the knitwear and textiles BA courses and she’s also one of MKC’s guest presenters.

Crowood Press has just published her book Discovering Machine Knitting, to help demystify our craft. For years, newbies have been crying out for a book that explains how a machine works, how stitches are formed and how we shape to make garments. Each chapter focuses on different skills and there are lots of projects to put the expertise into practice and make knits for yourself. At the end of each chapter, Kandy includes designer profiles to showcase the work of professional machine knitters. She hopes to inspire newbies and celebrate the huge potential for creativity in machine knitting. From troubleshooting and looking after the machine, to using advanced techniques such as intarsia and shaping, her book will help beginners fall in love with their knitting machine. If you work through all the step-by-step instructions and projects in her book, you’ll be designing and knitting your own garments by the end of it.

Publisher Crowood Press ( Edition Paperback ISBN 978-0-71984-199-6 Size 215 x 260 mm Pages 160 Price £16.99

Readers of Machine Knitting Monthly cover every age group and level of experience anyone can imagine. So if you’re one of our newbies and need a gentle, helping hand, head for Nic’s Machine Knit Community. Make sure you’ve a copy of Kandy’s book close by. They’ll light up your machine knitting journey and fill you with the joy of our craft. Until next month, knit happy!

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