Help please with an E8000

Hello Anne
Could you please print a letter in your magazine, because I am looking for someone to help me with my Passap E8000. I have only just acquired it and the first thing I need is some help with the control unit. I live on the east coast of Lincolnshire and hope your magazine could put me in touch with someone who knows about this machine. Thank you for any help, Hilary

Hello Hilary
Would this website be of any help?
Maybe you could also email them for some help. Best wishes Sue
Sue P
2016-02-18 20:58:01
Hello Hilary
Hopefully you have already sorted your machine out but if you still need assistance there is a Yahoo group dedicated to the E8000. You’ll find it at

The list owner seemed to be from UK but I know little else as I don’t belong to the group myself. Hope this helps Tuija

2016-02-18 20:57:23