Knitmaster Needles

Hello fellow knitters
I have been given a Knitmaster 700 and the needles all seem to have a deposit on them from the ancient ‘manky’ sponge bar. It doesn’t seem like rust and is only where they touched the sponge bar. I’ve tried the surgical spirit and oil soak and spraying them with Gunk degreaser (seen on Xena’s website). If I had many hours and patience I might be able to scrape it off all 200 needles, but would rather use a solvent if possible. Any ideas? Thanks for any help, Lyn

Hi Lyn

Petrol might do it but don’t bring it indoors! You might have to resort to doing each needle individually as when they are clean you need to wipe each one with a cloth with couple of drops of oil on it and check all the latches.

Hope you manage to clean them all


Sue P
2016-01-09 13:53:22
Thanks Sue I’ll try that. I’d like to sort it out so I can pass it on in good condition. I have cleaned up the needles from an old Knitmaster 360 machine I started restoring last year which will fit it in the meantime so I can check everything else is working. Lyn
2016-01-09 15:52:56