Help setting up Toyota in Lincoln

I have aquired an old (new condition) knitting machine. It is a Toyota Elena7 without instructions. Is there anyone in Lincoln who could help me set it up & use please. Or any Knitting Machine Lessons available. Thank You

Thank You Cassie but need help in Lincoln. Had a couple of machines years ago but don’t know how to set this one up. If I did I could manage to work it from other books/video. No instructions at all you see. Pleased you found a group I used to go to one in Lincoln. No Knitting Machine Shops at all now.

Thanks again – Sylvia

2009-03-19 23:20:47
I have just taken the plunge and after having aquired an old Brother KH710 which has been under the bed for about eleven years I desperately wanted to find help in the area. Imagine my surprise when I found a group of people in Donington Lincolnshire. It’s just up the road for me and I went along for the first time last Thursday with my machine and I received such wonderful help. This is the web site of where they meet :~

Hope it is of some help if you don’t find anything nearer.

2009-03-10 16:48:32