Alaska Cruise

To–Fro.jpgShe will be sending you some photos I expect when they get back. So thank you for putting us in touch, she very kindly brought me some patterns. I know that you are encouraging younger people to machine knit and using some of the chunky knitting now so popular to encourage them into taking the magazine. I was looking through some old To & Fro copies I was given and wondered if it would be a good idea to re-publish the jacket on the front of the Nov 1991 – January 92, Vol 14, No. 3 issue?

The pattern is on page 28 and it’s by Raymonde Chessum. It’s knitted in pieces, which makes it ideal for chunky machines that have a very small number of needles. Perhaps you could suggest more modern yarns that could be used? It looks like a fun jacket, as it all makes chevrons when you put it all together.

Best wishes Anne and I hope you are not working too hard
Barbara Tulip in Canada