Childs Hand Muff

Many years ago I knitted my children hand muffs with a pattern which I’m sure came from a Machine Knitted News pattern (and I’m talking at least 20 years). Now my grandaughter has found her mum’s original and would like one of her own……..but I can’t find the pattern, nor remember how I did it!

Has anyone got a pattern which I can use / adapt?

Many thanks

Hi Susie

Can’t help with the MKN design but in the December 2005 issue of MKM there’s a pattern for a woman’s muff and hat knitted in pile knitting, together with a 2-page article about pile knitting on Silver Reed and Brother machines. The muff could easily be adapted for a child and the magazine is still available at ¬£2.50 plus 75p postage. (Sorry, Royal Mail increased the postage today!)

2009-04-06 19:00:03
Thanks Anne, I’ll look into that!
2009-04-09 11:14:56