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monthly meetings, friendship and lots more. Thankfully I discovered a paper shop with your magazine. Unfortunately it is closing and so my subscription is in the post. I have made some wonderful contacts in Scotland who have been ever so helpful. For example my Brother electronic ‘died’ even though I had a proper adaptor, but with the help of Jill Baillie and Frances Murray from the Scottish Machine Knitters I was able to borrow a standard punchcard machine. Happiness reigns!

“However I do need help again. I was knitting a jumper from one of the magazines and thought I had the whole cone. I must have used a small amount so I’m looking for Bramwell 4 ply colour Viola – just enough to do part of a sleeve. Of course I’d be willing to pay for the yarn and the mailing. I really enjoy your magazine and look forward to its arrival every month.”” Please email us if you’ve any of the Bramwell yarn she needs.”

Hi Christine

Re: “Does anybody know whether an SRP60 carriage will work on the needlebed of an SRP50?”

Angelica’s Yarn Store website shows a Silver Reed ‘What fits what’ compatibility chart.

The link is

Regards, Valerie

2011-09-30 20:23:59
Thank you very much Valerie, that has answered my question.
Kind regards, Christine.
2011-10-10 19:12:11