Knit Guy in the USA

HI I live in the US and love my knitting machines. I am disabled and had a kidney transplant in 2009. I also had a lung collapse in Dec of this last year and have a lot of back problems. If it wasn’t for my knitting machines I think I would go bonkers sitting here at home day after day. I love the MKM magazine and look forward to it every month. The only thing I wish is that it had a web edition. The cost of the magazine is very reasonable but the cost of shipping it to the US makes it very expensive. It cost almost 120.00 American. If there was a web edition I could just download what I like. I would also like to see a web edition of back issues. I want a lot of the back issues but the cost makes them out of my budget. Does any one else feel this way? I have knitted quite a few of the patterns from the magazine and they always turn out beautiful.
Thanks, Ronny

I’m with you on the postage cost Ronnie but I do love this magazine and as you stated the patterns turn out beautifully. I’m thinking if I could save on the postage I could have enough to make a trip to a Machine Knitting LIVE! Expo.
Happy knitting!
2011-08-03 15:33:36
I absolutely agree with you. I too would like to see the magazine in a digital format. I’m willing to pay a yearly subscription.
Nana’s Creations
2011-08-03 15:33:14