Looking for an Instruction Manual

I am a crochet and knitaholic and teach at a number of neighbourhood houses around my local area. Unfortunately I’ve developed deQuervains syndrome in both hands and after surgery have found it increasingly difficult to hand knit. So one of my lovely daughters (No 3 of 5) bought me a knitting machine, so I am starting on my machine knitting adventure. I’m new to machine knitting having just acquired a Singer Cardmatic 312 and unfortunately it came without any manuals. Hours on the net have led me to the conclusion that Singer and Silver may be interchangeable. I found a Manual for the Silver K105 and the machine and parts look identical. Can anyone give me an answer? Many thanks from Australia.


If you go to: http://www.aboutknittingmachines.com/SilverReedManuals.php you will find at the bottom of the page a downloadable manual for the Singer Cardmatic 313.

These machines are the same as Knitmaster/Silver Reed machines and have the same patterning mechanism.

I hope you find this useful and you soon are able to get knitting.

Kind regards

Sue P
2012-07-18 10:56:48
Many thanks for you help but the machine that I have is a electronic and has a PC10 controller. I have been given a copy from a nice lady who runs courses on knitting at http://metropolitanmachineknitting.co.uk/
She’s been so helpful I dashed home with my copy and tried them out – it’s so simple when you have instructions.

Kind regards


2012-07-23 16:43:49
Hi Astrid

I’m so pleased to hear you found the right manual.


Sue P
2012-07-23 16:50:45