Organized knitting space

I’m sure I’m not alone in working in the guest room, squeezing in a few knitters, sewing and serging (overlocking) equipment, yarn, threads and accessories. I’d also like some information on how to start and operate a home based machine knitting business, cottage industry and or work as a non-profitable organisation. Any help would be great and thanks for listening!
PetraKnits in Vancouver, WA, USA

Hi Petra
Here’s just a thought for you. I had my knitting machine and attachments in our sun room taking up lots of space. My husband converted part of our attic into a room for me specifically for my knitting and sewing machine. I now have my own room with TV heater and lots of space. It didn’t cost a great deal but he was able to do it himself. I too would be interested to hear from anybody with ideas on starting a home based knitting business. Happy New Year to you and yours.
2011-03-31 18:14:27
I had a double garage made for my studio where I have my wool carders and stock supply for the markets I attend. I have several knitting machines but as yet have to update my skills with them. As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day’. I eventually hope to use some of my hand spun yarns on them. I started with markets but have now extended to an on-line shop. I still need to get out there for advertising.
Cheers Colleen
Colleen’s Crafts
2011-03-31 18:13:11
Hi Petra
It sounds like you’re well on your way to using the guest room. If you like working in that room then don’t use it as a guest room – keep it for your work room! If you still have a bed in there then remove it to make more room for floor to ceiling shelving for your stash paint the walls plain white and have extra lighting installed. I too was in the guest room when I started out. I simply told people they could no longer stay over and that was it. I worked in that room for two years before getting my studio. My studio is in our mill it’s a room off to the side and has wonderful cedar walls so while I’m working in there I’m breathing in all the wonderful cedar aroma! I then changed the room back into a guest room now everyone’s happy.
All the best to you!
2011-07-04 19:46:54
Hello all
I agree with Petra that many of us knit out of a guest room. Sadly I don’t have a garage or sufficient attic space to move out of my guest room. I would love to see some ideas on how others have organized this space to be suitable for both. My room is a meagre 12′ x 15′ and needs to accommodate a queen size bed desk small sewing table and bulky knitting machine along with the yarn and bag storage. The closet is small. HELP!
Thanks Phyllis
2011-07-04 19:46:54
Hi all !

Thanks for sharing! I’m there with you and it’s great for the ones who have been able to expand their creative space in their home. Like Sally says we’re not all so fortunate and have to make do with sometimes untenable situations to pursue our beloved craft.

We should unite and pressure MKM to bring out a series of articles on how to use our space creatively. I think this would be a win win for us because we might learn how to reorganize our stuff and various machines and for MKM because not only is it one of the few knitting machine magazines left but also it would be the only magazine to address this issue. Other mags focus on crafting space but to my knowledge machine knitters have never been included.

All the best Petra

2011-07-04 19:46:54