Sweater Pattern

I want regular sleeves and the rounded (sort of) sides. There’s one in the January 2007 issue that is similar to what I’m looking for. I would like it to come down to the hips not the waist as this one seems to do. Does anyone know if there’s a pattern for a sweater like this?
Thanks so much for your help. Keep up the great work with your magazine.
Best wishes
Marilyn in Ontario, Canada

Hi Marilyn
Do you have a charting device? You could draw the pattern to the length you require using the other measurements on the diagram as a guide.
If you do not have a charter you could use the pattern as a guide knitting extra rows where the pattern says to knit to RC 48. Once you have knitted your tension swatch in the yarn you will be using you will be able to work out how many stitches and rows you will need for the measurements you want. If you have a green rule you will be able to see how many stitches and rows there are to 10 cm. Divide these figures by 10 e.g. 27sts to 10 cm gives you 2.7 sts to 1 cm.
It might seem a bit daunting to start with but if you work with the measurements given on the pattern diagram for the size you need and multiply them by the number of stitches or rows to 1cm you will arrive at the number of stitches and rows that you need and will end up with the garment you desire.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards
Sue P
2011-01-07 20:40:28