Take a look at YouTube

Have you seen the wonderful videos that Diana Sullivan from Austin, Texas is putting on YouTube? There are many on there but hers are very professional and are free to view and will eventually be offered for sale. I think the one on using the garter bar is already for sale and that one really got me able to use my garter bar with confidence. If you haven’t viewed them and are interested, go to www.diananatters and the videos and other lessons are all listed on the left side. A great one for beginner knitters is ‘How to make a child’s raglan sweater’.

As you may have heard we had the Olympics in our fair city and the warmest winter since records were kept. Just when we needed lots of snow, we got very little. Isn’t life amazing? I hope you are keeping well and wish you and all the staff a good 2010.
Sincerely, Barbara Tulip

Thanks for the info on Diana Sullivan’s You Tube videos. I checked them out and they are indeed a wealth of information. I have some hand knit patterns I wanted to convert to the knitting machine and now I know how to do it.
All the best, Olive
2012-01-06 18:27:27
You’re right – machine knitting is on the upswing everywhere. So get your dream machines now, because the prices will skyrocket as people find out they’re in demand and dig them out of attics and garages. You won’t find those $40 deals for long! The good news is that more companies will take advantage by introducing new machines.
2012-01-06 18:26:51