Tumbling Blocks

Always use all three colours in each colour sequence. If you don’t, you will not only find counting impossible, but also get a different colour on the back, which will show.

Have the colour changer set up so that you work from left to right {for example 2 rows red. 2 rows blue , 2 rows green = 6 rows). Now you are always working in multiples of 6.

If you are working with a punchcard machine, writing the pattern and punching it can be tedious! I have DesignaKnit 7 so I am able to input the design to it and then print out the template, {ST) in colour. Just have to make sure all three colours are bright and it doesn’t matter if they are not the ones actually used. If you have not got DesignaKnit 7, I’m sure someone in your club does and you could borrow their expertise.

Anne, if you could pass on my comments together with my e mail address, we might be able to discuss double bed Jacquard. Love the new look mag and the new contributors.
Best wishes
Nancy in Oz

Hi Nancy in OZ
This sounds very interesting, but alas I’m only new to all of this but I really enjoy reading the comments.
Best wishes from Maggie in OZ
2011-07-20 12:41:36