You’ve created a monster ! (LOL)

Dear Anne
Thank you so much for printing my letter and photo in the Dec issue of MKM. I must admit, I can’t stand a braggard but I’ve shown the issue to every friend and relative I have – whilst wearing the sweater of course. (ROFL) I even took it to the local JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby – two craft stores I use a lot and am friendly with the staff. I even got an invitation to demonstrate a Bond machine (paid of course) at the Hobby Lobby. The interest the photo caused and the oohs over the sweater I was wearing have added an Ultimate Sweater Machine to quite a few people’s Santa wish list, I’m sure. (LOL) Anyway, thank you so much for this. It’s done more for my ego and has been better for my Sunlight Deprivation Depression than a case of the best anti-depressant drug they could give me. (ROFL)
Best regards and may you all have a VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED HOLIDAY SEASON ! ! !
Ronny Woods

PS – I have to get back to my machine. With only a few more days till Christmas, I still have a list of things I want to make to give as gifts. I always plan a lot more than I can possibly do and am I alone in this or do I have a lot of similar overloaded friends? Well I’ll do what I can and give a token gift and and IOU card to the ones I don’t have time to get to. (ROFL)