Where have all the speakers gone?

We’ve some talented club members who are very generous with their help and support, but we all agree that input from new people does help to inspire us, stimulate our productivity and increase our range of skills. We’ve asked a neighbouring club and they seem to have the same problem. Do you or any of your readers have a list of speakers and/or demonstrators that we can access? Keynsham MKC meets on the second Monday of the month at Stirling Way Community Centre in Keynsham. For more details, please contact Margaret Marsh (Chair) on 0117-986 5559 or Pat Hames (Sec) on 01454-322553.
Many thanks, Pat Hames
Perhaps it’s time for us all to stir things up a bit, Pat. If you’re able to give a talk or demonstration to a knitting club, please get in touch for a free listing in the magazine.