Sep 2016 (Issue 224)


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Our front cover design this month is a smart jacket with modern rolled edges and we’ve our usual pattern selection for standard, mid gauge and chunky models. All our patterns now give instructions for converting any of the designs for knitting on a standard gauge machine. Our regular features include Clubline, Dear Anne and Style File. We’ve reached Part 12 of our major series for beginners and this time we do some trouble-shooting when knitting patterned fabrics. Bill King shows us how to use thread or punch lace to knit some eye-catching fabrics and Roni Knutson shares her pattern for a 4-ply hat with a hem and lots of Fair Isle patterns. Karin Rogalski has designed some amazing scarf toys and she returns to leap into frogs whilst Iris Rowe’s penguin family steps forward in Toy Box. Our regular features include news, books and fashion in Newsline plus special reader prices in our Book Review.

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