Nottingham Knitting Show 2019

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If you can travel to Nottingham, do please come along to the West Park Leisure Centre in Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton NG10 4AA. This year our show is on Sunday 14th April. The centre is about a mile and a half from Junction 25 on the M1. When you come off the motorway, take the exit to Long Eaton onto Bostock’s Lane. After about half a mile, at the junction with Longmoor Road, turn right onto the B6002. The road bears left and becomes Petersham Road. Continue along the B6002 into Wilsthorpe Road and the Leisure Centre is along this road on the left.

We have lectures which we hold upstairs, but there are stairs and a lift, so access is easy for everyone. We’ll have hot and cold snacks and drinks available and last year’s excellent caterers will look after us again.

Last year’s exhibitors included Andee Knits, Arnold Bennett – the button man, Sue Booth, Clair Crowston, B Hague & Co, Bill King, David and Jason Hampson from The Wool Cabin, Elaine Cater, the Framework Knitters Museum, the Guild of Machine Knitters, Knits ‘n’ Bits from Wendy Piper, Machine Knitting Monthly also with Anjo Designs, Mapperley Knit & Natter Club with demonstrations and displays, Marianne Henio, Nina Miklin, Nottinghamshire Spinners, Weavers & Dyers, Rob Fountain, Erica Thomson and Uppingham Yarns. Watch this space as we update the details until the show.

Wool Market for Patron Saint of wool-combers

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A Wool Market is being held at Bradford Industrial Museum to celebrate the patron saint of wool-combers, Bishop Blaise and the history of wool in Bradford. The event, which takes place at the Bradford Council-run museum on the feast day of St Blaise, Sunday 3rd February, will have stalls selling woollen yarns, textiles and hand looms, as well as fun family activities including spinning and weaving demonstrations. Delicious food will also be on offer and there will be a pop up pub in the museum which will have beer from a local Bradford brewery. Entertainment will be provided by a choir and brass band, there will even be alpacas.

Stalls at the event, which takes place from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, will include local companies selling all manner of knitting gifts. This will include hand-dyed British wool, fibres and equipment for felt making and spinning, luxury and lace-weight yarns, haberdashery, knitting patterns and accessories and products made from alpaca wool. All of this will be alongside the museum’s fantastic displays that tell the story of Bradford’s Industrial past. The free event is being organised by Bradford Industrial Museum in conjunction with Glyn Watkins and sponsorship from Napoleon’s Casino and Salamander Brewery.

Bishop Blaise is the patron saint of wool-combers. He was a physician and bishop in Sebastea, Armenia and was believed to have lived around the end of the 3rd or early 4th century. People went to him for cures of both spiritual and bodily ailments and he was reported to have healed animals. He was reported to have been tortured by being flayed using pins from a wool-comb and beheaded because he refused to renounce his faith.

Bradford was once known as Worstedopolis due to the number of mills and wool processing businesses including wool-combers that operated in the district and up until 1825 the wool-combers of the district would hold a parade through the city to celebrate their patron saint. It was a four day festival where one of the wool-combers would dress as Bishop Blaise and parade through the town.

Maggie Pedley, Libraries, Museums and Galleries Manager at Bradford Council, said: “Though the mill where the Industrial Museum is based was originally built as a small worsted spinning mill, this is our first wool market. We have two ‘Bishop Blaise’ coats that were worn in the parades in our collection. One from Bradford and one from Keighley, as well as some other memorabilia from these parades and we will be putting some of this on display as part of the event. I would encourage anyone with an interest in Bradford’s woollen history to visit the museum for this event.” For more information visit

New Andee Knits shop opens

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The new Go-To

Andrea is currently setting up her new Andee Knits shop at Unit 4 Wye Avenue, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5DF, next door to Costcutter. Opening times are 10.00 am to 3.00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The shop is closed on Wednesday and at the weekend. One thing you might like to remember is that Andee Knits offers gift vouchers in any amount for a birthday, or a simple gift. What could be nicer for the machine knitter who has everything! Call Andrea now for more information on 01278-802066 or visit the website at

January 2019 Contents

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Here’s a detailed list of the Contents in our January 2019 issue.



All our patterns now give details for knitting on standard gauge machines.

16 Party Girls Two MKM patterns for the Silver Reed LK-150 and all machines

20 Just The Jacket Two MKM patterns for chunky and all machines

26 Snuggie Tails Two Anne Baker multi-size designs for chunky machines

31 Slip Knot MKM pattern for the Silver Reed LK-150 and all machines

33 Snug As A Bug MKM pattern for chunky and all machines

36 Full Circle MKM pattern for chunky and all machines

42 Meerkat Mischief Two MKM toy patterns for all machines



10 Clubline We’ve a great idea for charity knitting this month and a request for help

12 Dear Anne We’ve wedding bells and lots of feedback from our autumn Bournemouth Show

14 Style File If you and your knits are bored with the cold winter days, Sally-Ann Carroll has a few ideas to give your knitted wardrobe a lift

51 Over To You Our exceptional letter is from a reader who managed to overcome some huge hurdles in her life and she’s now a happy machine knitter

53 Techniques Find out how to use a garter bar for decreasing and turning work in Part 2 of our new series

56 Masterclass This month Bill King looks at the rack and release technique and reminds us that we get a lot for our money with this very useful tool



4 Subscriptions Delivered to your door each month

6 Newsline Our monthly look at people and places, patterns and new yarns plus lots of ideas for inspiration

8 Book Review We’ve two new books, from Alison Dupernex and Fiona Morris, with a 20% discount for MKM readers

35 Clubs Directory Form Spread the word, write in and get your club noticed

41 Binders Keep your copies safe with the tidy answer that looks good on your bookshelf

47 Back Issues Every copy is a vintage so complete your collection or take a lucky dip

48 Mini Mart We’ve re-stocked our mail order shop this month, so look out for bargains

49 Knitting Buddies Readers’ help just when you need it

55 Machine Knitting LIVE! It’s time to plan, as we announce the dates of Nottingham and Bournemouth 2019

58 Clubs Directory List The latest details and updates to find your nearest knitting club

60 Market Place Browse around in the comfort of your own home

61 Coming Next Month Reserve next month’s issue now

62 Pattern Information Lots of practical help, abbreviations and easy pattern conversion



February 2019

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Ring in the new

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Dear Readers

Many of you will know that I’ve been friends with Hilary at Busy Bee for most of the time she ran the business with her mum, Barbara. Life has dealt Hilary and her family more than its fair share of knocks and we’ve seen our children grow up together. You can imagine, therefore, Hilary sharing her joy with me that Laura is now married to Liam. Laura looked amazing, the sun shone and everyone shared their joy. The last dance was The Proclaimers ‘500 miles’, by which time Laura was in flip flops and they danced their hearts out. All through the day guests turned up, everyone got on and the happiness was just infectious. They had two wedding cakes – a stack of pork pies and a mountain of cheese, to get the party going! I’ve included some photos in Dear Anne this month and it’s so good to share this special time in their lives. As Hilary said: “We’re the proudest parents ever”. The photos were taken by ER Photography and you’ll find them at

I’m now going to pass on the sad news, for anyone interested, that we may lose the Guild of Machine Knitters in the very near future. To give you the facts, I’ll reproduce here part of the letter from Chairman Liz Holness which was published in the November 2018 issue of the Guild Newsletter and she writes:

“I was reading a magazine recently (Third Age Matters) and a headline jumped out at me. It said: “Our capital is our volunteers” and that equally applies to the Guild. It doesn’t matter how much money we have in the bank, if there are no volunteers we are nothing. So, here we are again, one year on and probably in a worse position than this time last year. The lack of volunteers to help us by doing anything at all is still causing problems and in six short months we’ll not have a Chairman, Vice Chairman or Treasurer. The Secretary and Membership Secretary simply can’t manage on their own. Through lack of volunteers we’ve already withdrawn from all exhibitions with effect from the end of October and we haven’t been able to implement many of the changes we’d planned. It’s so sad and disappointing that all the efforts of members over the last 20 years are being allowed to fall by the wayside and the Guild to just fade away. We always assumed that there would be others following in our footsteps and taking up the mantle, but it’s just not happening.

“When I took over as Chairman in 2010, I never dreamt that we would be in this position and I never thought I would have to write such a negative and gloomy message to you all. Please think seriously about the future of the Guild and let us know what you think we should do, because one thing is certain… we can’t go on as we are! One thing is fairly obvious. If we don’t hear from any of you, we’ll sadly need to turn our attention to what needs to be done to close down the Guild”.

If you can help in any way, do please call me and between us, we may be able to offer the Guild a lifeline. So, with much ahead of us, all that remains is to wish you a very happy New Year, which is filled with good health and contentment throughout 2019. Until next time, my compliments of the season to you all.


February 2019

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January 2019 – Issue 252

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We ring in the new with a perfect top for party time on the cover. There’s a sleeveless version and they’d both look great as summer knits. We also include instructions for converting all our patterns for knitting on standard gauge machine​s​. We’ve Anne Baker’s mermaid ‘fishtail’ pattern in small and large sizes to fit all mums and girls, a snuggle bag for babies, lots of chunky knits and meercat mischief with a toy pattern for these cute critters. Sally-Ann Carroll adds a pop of colour to our knitted wardrobe to cheer up cold winter days and Bill King looks at the rack and release technique to knit some fabulous fabrics. We the second of a new 3-part series about using the garter bar for far more than simply turning work. We also have a wonderful story about a reader who has overcome huge hurdles in her life, to become a happy machine knitter. We always ​include news, books and fashion plus special reader prices in our Book Review.

January 2019 – Issue 252

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This is January 2019 and our current issue.

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December 2018 – Issue 251

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This is December 2018.

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Dingbats* Earth Series notebooks, green, vegan and fully recyclable

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Handmade with luxurious paper and attention to detail



Dingbats* is an eco-friendly notebook brand offering a range of hand crafted notebooks, utilising the knowledge gained from being in the paper trade since 1800.

Dingbats* Earth series notebooks are handmade using only degradable, vegan and recyclable products. It’s the first notebook brand to be issued with vegan certification along with FSC certification as to the origin of the paper used. The Earth Collection highlights three of the planets most fragile ecosystems, The Serengeti, The Great Barrier Reef and Yasuni National Park. Inside each notebook is an in depth infographic on each ecosystem. The notebook covers are PU faux leather (100%) vegan and inside you’ll find two bookmarks, 184 numbered non-perforated pages, 16 micro-perforated pages, 3 index pages, 2 key pages, future log, expandable pocket, elastic closure and last but not least, a  pen holder. Page tabs are a new concept introduced by Dingbats* and inside each Earth Series notebook there’s a guide explaining how to get the most out of it.

Dingbats*Earth Series A5+ Notebooks, £17.95 from Dingbats* Notebooks

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Winter wonderland

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Dear Readers

Those of you who know me well (and there are a lot of you!) will chuckle when this magazine arrives. I find it so hard to work on the Christmas issue. We started the patterns way back in the heatwave and the January issue is well on the way. February has to be printed before Christmas to go out on time in the New Year and I’m heading towards our 33rd birthday issue before a mince pie has been made. You’d think I’d had sufficient practice by now!

Thinking about the seasons coming and going brought up a very interesting observation, both during and after our Bournemouth show at the beginning of October. Many visitors came with quite different needs and expectations. In March, everyone has finished packing away the evidence of festivities and machines are reinstated in their familiar places. A lot of clubs don’t meet in December and only just get going in January, so Bournemouth can be the first outing of the year. Having had quite a long break since making last-minute knits, visitors have often ‘lost touch’ with their knitting. They come in March to be inspired and look for ideas to help them start knitting again. Following the long and hot summer break, our Bournemouth visitors in October knew exactly what they wanted to knit and came to buy yarn, patterns and accessories. Anne Croucher spent a while in her Knitting Clinic showing one knitter how to make Christmas Stockings and there was lots of yarn for sale to get her going. When visitors leave, they often thank me for the show and hope I’ll do another the following year. This time, though, they added: “Any chance we can have it in October again?”. Machine Knitting LIVE! has always been organised by machine knitters for machine knitters, so if you’ve a strong opinion about having the Bournemouth Show in March or October, please get in touch as soon as you can.

You’ll see there’s a good selection of patterns this month for mid-gauge and chunky machines. Please don’t throw your hands up in despair if you only use a standard gauge model and like the style, but wish it had been in four ply. For anyone who doesn’t use a charting device, there’s a conversion factor given with each pattern, for both stitches and rows. Multiply the stitches and rows given for your size in the pattern by these numbers and, with a few minor adjustments, you’ll replicate the blocking diagram shapes. Have a trial run and do it just once, perhaps with a baby cardigan or something small. The garment can go in a charity box and you’ll then have the confidence to discover how easy it is to do. With six weeks to go before the ‘big day’, all that remains is for us to fit in a bit of festive knitting before we’re needed in the kitchen!


January 2019

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