April 2023 update

Dear Readers

It’s been a busy month and we’ve some exciting new items in the magazine, so let’s look at some of them. Read all about Bill King’s new book on Page 10. It’s called Cables and if you’ve met him, you’ll sense the joy and enthusiasm he’s had writing it. Each time a lovely new book comes my way, I’m torn to decide which one to take to the desert island. I’ll have to change the rules and take eight books and one track, plus the luxury of all the machines and paraphernalia I’m allowed. I’m not sure what the music will be, but I guess I’ll have the noise of the sea lapping the shore to keep me company!

Claire Newberry’s new Blog Spot is on Page 47. One month she’ll focus on DesignaKnit and then keep us up-to-date with her blog. We don’t often hear about a designer’s life behind the scenes, so I’m looking forward to having a sneak peek! One such glimpse comes courtesy of Diane Wharton, who’s written an eBook about elongated stitches. Elaine Cater mentioned it and we both agreed that it doesn’t cut across the incredible work of Susan Guagliumi. Diane’s ideas are quite different and can be used, for example, in small projects such as edgings. Perhaps club leaders in need of something new might like to take a look and the details are on Page 48. By the way, Elaine’s club is hosting a talk and demonstration by Bill King in June and details are on Page 11.

Our final surprise is an insight into the amazing work of fashion designer Steven Jünemann, who uses domestic knitting machines for his international collections. For a month or two he’s giving us a glimpse of his current designs. With all that’s in this month’s magazine, I doubt you’ll be searching for much more inspiration!

Finally, let me mention that The Wool Cabin has had a low profile in the magazine for a while. David Hampson had a fall last November, that’s left him with health issues and a fair number of medical appointments. His son Jason is running the shop, in between keeping a close eye on his father. His regular lines and bargain buys are always popular. For opening times or any requests, call Jason on 07553-847483 or email hamps1971@hotmail.com and put The Wool Cabin in the subject box. The shop will be back in the magazine next month and, in the meantime, I send my best wishes to Dave for a speedy and lasting recovery. Until next month, happy reading!

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