May update

Dear Readers

First of all I need to pass on a big ‘thank you’ from Brenda to those who made the journey to Heathercraft one last time. Most of the machines and stock have gone and the Machine Knitting Centre has closed. Brenda is taking a short break, before resuming the tuition she so loves. As soon as I have more news, I’ll pass it on to you.

One lovely surprise were the candy cones you’ll find on Page 13. Susan Guagliumi shared them, after seeing the request in the magazine for ideas for using empty cones. Susan’s are in a league of their own and I’m sure her pictures will give you lots of inspiration, so do please send us your photos.

This month we thank Dee Crew for all her contributions and send her our best wishes. The double-thickness ‘backed band’ on Page 42 is the last in the series. We introduced her Show & Tell feature back in February 2022 and her first tuck stitch edging was in June 2022. I know she’s enjoyed sharing lots of the methods and techniques she’s developed over a lifetime spent machine knitting and she hopes you’ve found them equally useful.

Do look at Book Review on Page 8 this month, as there are super savings of £2 plus free postage on some of the books from Search Press. My First Sewing Machine is on my list, as I’ll start to teach our grand-daughter to use one to sew. She’s almost ten and, as long as I keep my eye on her, pretty nifty on an LK-150. Passing on our crafts seemed even more important this month, as I chatted to Nigel Jennings. He’s in Wallasey and, as you’ll read in Clubline, starting basic craft groups at Egremont Community Centre. He’s taking a selection of his basic models, so total beginners can have a go at machine knitting and other crafts. There’s also a local demand for someone to teach the basics of using a sewing machine, so that’s what he’ll do in his new sewing group. If you live in the area, do please spread the word and perhaps consider volunteering yourself. I’ve often passed on the phrase: “Each one teach one”.

Finally there’s a big gap in our lives this month, as you’ll see on Page 14. Come rain or shine, Sally-Ann has been part of MKM’s life from the start and we’ve no Style File this time. As I write, she’s in hospital and I join everyone in wishing her a full and lasting recovery. Get well soon Sally-Ann and we all hope you’ll be back on our pages before too long. Until next time, I hope you’ll find the magazine enjoyable this month.

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