Had a user account on the old MKM site?

If you had an account on the old MKM site, just go to the lost password page, enter your email address and, if it’s in our records, we’ll email you instructions on how to reset it.

If it’s not in our records, you can create a new account during the checkout process. We hope you enjoy using the site but if anything’s not clear, just let us know via the contact page.

6 thoughts on “Had a user account on the old MKM site?

  1. Hi Anne,
    I can’t seem to log in. Keeps telling me that my username and email are invalid.
    I haven’t received February newsletter yet. Bit worried that everything got a bit mixed up in the change of to new webpage.
    My user name is Knora

    1. Hi Nora
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I tried to email you on the address you provided but it bounced. Can you please contact us via the contact form and check your email address so I can help?

  2. Hi Matt,
    I did make a mistake with my email address. Sorry.
    Now corrected.

    1. I’m sorry you haven’t received a magazine, Anne will be in touch with you asap to sort that out. Also please accept my apologies that your account wasn’t migrated from the old site over to the new. You don’t actually need an account unless you want buy something from the shop, so why don’t we make sure your subscription is sorted out first and then we can see if you still need to create an account?

  3. Matt, I still cannot access my account, says my user name and password are incorrect. I am in New Zealand, does that pose a problem for signing in?

    1. Hi Eleanor
      Sorry you’ve had some trouble using the site. I’ll reply directly by email now and we’ll get this sorted.

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