Acrylic Yarn

I have returned to machine knitting after a break and knitted two jumpers with acrylic 4-ply yarn at tension 6 or 7 I think. After only one wearing, both jumpers badly bobbled and consequently I won’t wear them again as they look so awful. I know acrylics do this to a greater or lesser extent, but it seems such a waste of time and effort only for the finished product to end up in the bin. As acrylic yarn seem to be the mainstay of knitting, do others have this problem or is it just me – and can it be overcome?
Thanks, Polly Doodle

Hello Polly Doodle

Sorry to hear your jumpers were not a success. If the the yarn you used was a fairly loose twist perhaps a slightly lower tension would give a fabric which is less likely to pill. Also always turn garments inside out before washing on a cool short wash (my machine has an half hour cycle which is ideal for knits).

There are many yarns to choose from for machine knitting and several companies advertise in MKM. Why not try a yarn which is pure wool or an acrylic/wool mix or one with a slightly higher twist? Yeoman Panama is a blend of cotton and acrylic which produces a lovely fabric. Three strands of 2/30s industrial acrylic produces a good 4-ply equivalent and it washes and wears very well. I hope this has given you a few pointers and I hope you get more success next time.

Kind regards Sue.

Sue P
2010-10-28 12:11:27