Coned yarn storage

Many thanks

I have purchased large plastic boxes {with little roller type wheels }
Yard is sorted eg.4ply Chunky Weaving and hand knitting.The boxes are stacked and my yarns which have been stored for a good number of years are in perfect condition.
Happy knitting!
2010-03-25 19:56:43
A search in Google for ‘coned yarn storage’ found: – ready made cone storage.
Also http// has a page about making your own storage for thread bobbins which can be attached to the wall. It should be possible to scale it up for yarn bobbins.
Hope this is of some use
Sue P
2010-03-25 19:56:43
If you are a practical person with some D.I.Y. skills you can drill several hles in a suitable board and fix borrm handles cut to length to the board. This will allow the cones to slide onto the cut down handles for a cheap and practical storeage.
2010-04-03 19:57:10