Garter carriage problem

Hi, I have a Brother KH-940 machine and am using a KG-93 garter carriage. I did a sample of 2×2 ribbing which went well and wanted to try a pattern, but for some reason the garter carriage won’t work. I’ve checked all the steps and everything seems in order. It’s like there’s no power getting to the carriage. Any ideas as to why that happened all of a sudden? Thanks for any help, Jill

2 thoughts on “Garter carriage problem

  1. Hi Jill,
    Did you check that little part that stops the carriage whenever the yarn breaks? If you don’t thread the yarn there correctly, it will not let the machine work.
    Hope it works out soon, Karin

  2. In the power box there is a small fuse, that might be broken. That happened to me, during the first week I ran my pre-used GC93. After a replacement, it has worked without problems.

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