Garter carriage KG-95 problem

I’ve recently bought a carter carriage KG-95. Everything was fine and I’ve knitted one half of a jumper but on the second half, after I’ve re-hanged the cast-on-comb, the needle has jammed. After changing the needle the garter carriage was knitting again with fine yarn but on the first row after casting on with double knit yarn it’s jammed again. I’ve changed three needles already. I was doing everything as it said in manuals and I feel so frustrated. Is this carriage so fragile? Is there anybody to help me with some advice and spare parts? Sorry, I didn’t mention, I’ve got a Brother KH-965. Please, somebody help me. Thank you

Have you checked your sponge bar? I haven’t used my GC much but I know it’s more temperamental / sensitive to main bed needles being even slightly bent than the normal knitting carriage is and it needs a good sponge bar to make them work properly. Hope this helps.
2013-01-27 18:30:35