Toyota KS858 and KR506


I’m new here. I bought these machines on eBay and they seem to be okay, but I just can’t get the cast-on process to work properly. It worked once on a trial run, but not since. Everything looks set-up and threaded properly, but the stitches don’t form. Can anyone give any advice please? Thanks


Sorry to hear you are having problems. The following may help.

Make sure the machine is clean.

Check that the gate pegs are upright and evenly spaced.

Check the spongebars in both beds. If the foam is flattened it will need replacing. Some people recommend using Silver Reed spongebars as replacements as Toyota ones are no longer available. Alternatively you can replace the foam with draught excluder taping round the ends to secure it.

Loosen the ribber setting screws at the ends of the beds and make sure the ribber is pushed against the mainbed as far as it will go before re-tightening them.

Check that the ribber connecting arm is seated properly – take it off and replace it making sure it sits on the positioning notches on the main carriage.

To start with try a 1×1 rib using alternate needles on each bed with the beds set at Full Pitch. Cast on with a tight tension position the comb and continue as book.

Hope this helps.
Regards Sue.

Sue P
2012-01-30 22:57:07
Thank you so much and I will do as you suggest. I do notice that the connecting bar barely sits in the notch of the ribber so perhaps this is one of the problems.
2012-02-13 20:44:43
I’ve just thought of something else: Make sure the Simulknit Lever is set to ‘O’ and that the middle lever on the Ribber Carriage is on Empty with the other two levers on Plain. All the other levers on the Ribber Carriage should be set to ‘O’. For the first row the Main Carriage should be set for Plain knitting.
You should then get a zig zag between the beds with the yarn in the needle hooks.
Hoping this gets you started.
Sue P
2012-01-31 20:24:28
Thanks again Sue. I had made some progress since my first post. I’ve managed to use the ribber for a scarf in 2-ply wool which was going well but then again it dropped stitches suddenly. I think it must need a new sponge bar so I’m planning to look into that next.
2012-02-13 20:45:08