Garter carriage problem

I recently purchased a garter carriage for use with my Brother KH-965 electronic machine. I wasn’t sure if it was compatible, as some sites said it would be and others said it wouldn’t. I found that it would knit if I applied gentle pressure to the top of it, so I added the magnetic rail on top of my built-in rail to raise it and then it totally stopped co-operating. I next tried it on my KH-891 on the magnetic rail using the correct punchcard for 1×1 rib and it purls one stitch then drops one stitch. I’m now at my wits end and unsure what to try next. I hope someone can help and any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Katrina

Hi Katrina
Sorry to hear you are having problems. Which garter carriage do you have?
The fact that it is dropping the plain stitches on the 891 suggests that there is either no needle in the garter carriage or it is not locked into position. When you open the front flap there is a lever which fits into the groove in the white end of the needle. If this is not locked into position the needle won’t move properly and the stitches will not knit.
When using the garter carriage the main bed needles still knit the purl stitches and the garter carriage knits the plain ones.
Hope this helps Sue
Sue P
2015-11-19 16:07:53