Has anyone Skype on their PC?

I’ve hand knitted for years but about a month ago I was given a
Brother knitting machine with lots of attachments and I don’t know were to
start as I have never used one before. I’m keen to learn, but we have no
clubs were I live and I know no-one with a machine who can help me – hence my request for someone with Skype.
Thank you, Ann

Hi Ann If you will email me I will give you my skype address or you can give me yours then we can get you knitting on the machine hopefully.
Regards Joan
2011-11-05 14:19:11
yes i have skype. just email me on barbara.roblin@ntlworld.com and i’ll contact you. i have a brother 950i and also some old magazines that might be of help to you. my friend is wanting to be rid of some of her wool cones as she’s moving house and has limited room. let me know asap if you want any and i’ll try to get some.it might help you to get going on a more economic budget.
2011-11-05 14:19:11
Hi there

I have Skype and can give you some of my help if you like? Evenings are best with me 8.30pm onwards or odd times in the day. I am new to Skype by the way. I have many knitting machines and have been knitting on and off for over 20 years.

Also try “youtube” on the internet search for “machine knitting” you will find lots of great videos on there too to help you in the meanwhile.



2011-11-05 14:19:11
Dear Anne
I have skype but not near my machine. I could help if I can I have a brother 890 with ribber and some attachments. I have knitted for quite a few years….my e.mail address is janetoakley@tiscali.co.uk
2011-11-05 14:19:11