Stitches won’t stay on ribber needles

Hi Patricia
Check that the ribber cast on comb is hanging freely and not getting caught under the machine. You might have to pull down on it for several rows until it does hang properly.
Sue P
2011-10-05 17:55:44
Dear Patricia
I had the same experience and a repairman suggested the following:

Your cast-on comb with the weights must hang straight so check after every few rows to make sure it still hangs straight.
Set the tension on the ribber slightly looser.
I pull on my knitting every two or three rows to pull the work down otherwise it starts to bundle up at the needles.
Have the yarn feeder slightly looser than tighter.
Bent needles create havoc and if you don’t have a few needles in stock swap them with the end needles until you can replace them.
Hope this helps
Kind regards

2011-11-04 16:53:10