Knitmaster HK 160

I wonder if someone can help me please? I have a Knitmaster HK160 which works perfectly but I’m having trouble getting more punchcards to fit. I contacted Hong Kong and received new needles but they were unable to supply any punch cards. I have 5 pre-punched cards but I’m getting a bit bored with them and would love to punch my own or your designs. The cards have 18 working holes and are of a standard size. Any help or tips you could give me would be appreciated .
Yours hopefully
Jenny Wilson


I think you may find this website useful:

It explains how to adapt a 24 stitch punchcard for use on the Knitmaster 18 stitch machines. You can download the instructions.

Hope you find it helpful


Sue P
2012-04-07 18:36:01
Hi Jenny

There is a set of 10 blank punchcards for this machine on ebay at the moment. The listing ends on July 15th. Starting price is about £10.


Sue P
2012-07-09 15:18:37