Advice for computer based knitting machine

I’m a computer based designer/illustrator and I’d like some advice about purchasing a knitting machine, specifically to make cushions and throws.

I’m looking for a modern knitting machine that is able to connect to a computer (ideally a Mac) so I can use a software based pattern designer to send information straight to the knitting machine. Does such a machine exist? I found that certain software can export in a specific format that certain knitting machines can read. This may do the job, but I assume (maybe ignorantly) that you should be able to purchase such a machine

I’m finding it difficult to find information like how big these patterns can be. I’d like to work with repetitive patterns but also single image. Can consumer knitting machines be used to create throws of a single image? and what is the maximum number of colour I could use?

I guess I’d like to understand whether I can create my own samples before investigating more commercial options.

Can anyone help a complete novice fill in the gaps.

Thank you so much


Hi Scott

Silver Reed ( are the only company still making knitting machines for the home user.

Their SK840 is a standard gauge electronic machine that can be connected to a computer.

Older electronic machines were made by Brother – see ‘Scan the Cat’ on the web for a comprehensive description of Brother machines.

These two makes have 200 needles 4.5 mm apart.

The Passap E6000 is also an electronic model as are the Singer 624 and 9000. These machines have not been produced for several years but do sometimes come up for sale. These makes have 179 needles 5 mm apart.

I do hope you find what you are looking for and that this information is of some use.


Sue P
2012-05-02 16:20:23