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Dear Anne

Can you or anyone in machine knitting help me, please? I have a Brother KH-910 knitting machine and I’m trying to find markers or pens for filling in blank Mylar Sheets. Does anyone know where I can find one of these pens please? Thanks in advance for any help. Best wishes, Tuula

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  1. Hi. I have today bought colored dry felt tips, fine tipped, to use on my graph sheets. I got Smiths own, and they wipe off with water very easily. Lou

  2. I had trouble, too. Irene Court suggested using a Chinagraph pencil and it works great.

    1. Definitely, as I recently solved the problem. Smiths or any other stationers have white board pens that can be used on (and wiped off) the Mylar sheets. Get the finest nib you can. 👍

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