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Dear Anne

Can you or anyone in machine knitting help me, please? I have a Brother KH-910 knitting machine and I’m trying to find markers or pens for filling in blank Mylar Sheets. Does anyone know where I can find one of these pens please? Thanks in advance for any help. Best wishes, Tuula

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  1. Hi. I’ve today bought coloured dry fine-tipped felt pens, to use on my graph sheets. I got Smiths own and they wipe off with water very easily. Lou

    1. Hello, what brand and model of pencil did you use?

  2. I had trouble, too. Irene Court suggested using a Chinagraph pencil and it works great.

    1. Definitely, as I recently solved the problem. Smiths or any other stationers have white board pens that can be used on (and wiped off) the Mylar sheets. Get the finest nib you can.

  3. Does anybody have a source for Brother 910 knitting machine BLANK MYLAR SHEETS?

    1. Good morning, can someone scan a Brother Mylar sheet?

  4. Hello
    In my country there are no Mylar sheets. You can scan a sheet and print it on normal paper that has the same Mylar Brother drawing.

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