Making up a sideways cardigan

I’ve knitted the beautiful stripped sideways cardigan from the May issue. However, I’m really struggling to make sense of the making up. Is anyone able to help me? Many thanks in advance.

Start by laying the piece out flat right side uppermost then fold the cast on and cast off edges in towards the centre at the armhole shaping. This will show you where to stitch for the shoulders. Now stitch the ends of the rows on the widest parts together for the collar. Stitch the collar to the back neck you will have to stretch it to make it fit. Sew the sleeve seams pin into the armholes and stitch in place.
Hope this helps fit ‘the jigsaw’ together Sue
Sue P
2016-05-26 17:26:16
That’s fantastic thank you.
2016-05-26 18:50:00