Singer Model 500 info

I’m also missing additional parts and patterns. After reading the manual, I think the curl cord will be necessary to use the patterns but I’ve only used a punchcard machine before so I’m not sure. Is this correct? I’ve not been able to locate the cord that came with the machine and have not been able to find a replacement on eBay. Are there any other places where these products and replacement parts can be found?
Any help is greatly appreciated! I am located in the Phoenix area of Arizona, USA.

As the machine has been in storage for so long it may be a good idea to check the condition of the sponge bar. It will probably need to be replaced. Also give the machine a good clean and pull all the needles forward and clean them before wiping with an oiled cloth. Put some oil on the underside of the carriage along the needle channels using the cloth. This should make it run smoothly.

I use Singer sewing machine oil on my knitting machines as it is quite a light oil. Do not use WD40 or similar spray oils as they dry out leaving a film on everything and clogging up the works. There is another fine oil on the market called Ballistol; originally produced for keeping guns in good condition it is good for knitting machines too.

Hope this is helps you get it sorted.

Sue P
2011-03-31 18:21:03
Are you certain it isn’t the sponge bar that’s disintegrated? I’ve just re-furbished my KS777 machine with a new ‘weatherstrip’ sponge bar and it’s working perfectly.
Kindest regards
2011-03-31 18:20:35
Go to they sell an oil which is made for knitting machines and are in the U.S.
They also stock machine parts so may be able to help you with the other things you need.
Hope this helps
Sue P
2011-03-26 16:27:47
I used to have a SR580 which is a later version of your 500. but eventually the electronics died and this maybe your problem. You certainly need a curl cord and though it maybe difficult to source in the USA Google Silver Reed or Studio for info. Also April Mills may be able to help and she’s known for her knowledge of knitting machines and particularly Studio.
2011-04-18 18:06:55