Tension Rod

I have to pull the yarn tight at the back of the tension rod every time I knit a row otherwise I end up with the yarn looping at the edges. I have checked the guide pin and plates and cannot see anything wrong with them. I have checked and double checked that the yarn is threaded correctly. Does anyone have any ideas?
Many thanks

Hi Fran

Sorry to hear you are having problems it’s frustrating to have to keep pulling down on the yarn but sometimes it is the only solution.

Is your tension suitable for the yarn you are using? I take it that you have tried tightening the disc tension. Make sure the yarn is on the inside of the pin between the discs.

Have you checked behind the plates in the tension discs? Fibres can build up behind them and cause problems.

Are you using a very fine yarn? Sometimes it helps to loop it right round the tension disc instead of just between the discs.

Hope this helps.

Sue P
2012-03-09 17:24:34
I used to teach machine knitting at college. One of the ways of getting rid of looped yarn was to tape a plastic piece of tubing to the table under the yarn tension unit. Thread the yarn through the plastic piping and then through the yarn tension unit – and voila!

Another golden oldie was to use a tiered vegetable rack. Place the first cone on the bottom rack the second cone on the next rack up and so on. Thread the yarn through the centre of the cone above before threading through the yarn tension unit. This is great for multi-coloured cones and gives a better random appearance as it ‘twists’ the yarn as it feeds through the unit. I know that you’ve sorted your problem but it might be of some use to other members.

2012-03-28 17:47:23
Hi Sue – thank you for your comments. Hubby got his screwdriver out and cleared out all the fluff that had gathered behind the spring – I was rather surprised how much there was as I have barely used the machine. Anyhow after trying again I noticed that it was not the tension rod but the ribber arm which ‘looped’ the yarn just before taking the carriage across. Fortunately I have two standard gauge ribbers and swapped the ribber arm – perfect! I think the other ribber arm may need some new brushes!!!Thank you for your comments though because I will make sure the tension spring is cleaned on a regular basis now. Best wishes – Fran
2012-03-16 16:23:33