Yarn on cones

Starting back with machine knitting after a break for 20-odd years – seems more difficult to get yarn on cone that it used to (or is it me????) and the price has certainly shot up!

Any suggestions on suppliers?

Thanks alot

Hello Christine
Welcome back to machine knitting.
There are several yarn suppliers that advertise in Machine Knitting Monthly.
I have bought several packs of yarn from Yeoman – they are £25 for 5 kilos. You can state what colours and plys you prefer but take ‘pot luck’ on the yarns you receive although they are all full cones. At this price each pack is really good value.
Another place to look is on eBay – there is always a huge range of machine knitting items for sale including lots of yarn.
Hope this gets you started
Sue P
2010-11-24 20:46:16
I have always found Bedford Sewing and Knitting to be good reliable suppliers and their yarns are good but not too expensive. You can find them on
www.bsk.co.uk They also have a shop on ebay.
You could also try typing Knitting yarn on cone into the search engines eg Google of Yahoo etc. You will then find several suppliers listed.
As there are no shops in Cornwall selling coned yarn for machine knitters I have always had to buy mine online.
Hope this helps. đŸ™‚
2010-11-26 18:19:43