Time For Tea


MKM Editor Anne writes: “It was a huge surprise for me to be called into the hall after the fashion show at Bournemouth this year. It had been a wonderful day of celebration as, between us, we’ve kept Machine Knitting LIVE! going for 20 years. It was even more of a bolt from the blue to be handed this absolutely fabulous cake. Could you ever believe that anyone could make something so amazing? It sat on a board edged with a tape measure and, from the bodkin to the buttons, everything was beautifully crafted by the exceptionally talented Margaret Hudson. She’s an enthusiastic and supportive member of Ringwood Machine Knitting Club and it’s probably fair to say she can be known to produce more unusual cake creations than machine knitting! Maureen Gulliver runs Ringwood and, together with Joy Hopkins and her Carbery Machine Knitting Club in Christchurch, they’ve been a backbone of strength and support for the Bournemouth Show. They knit garments and organise the fashion show, as well as demonstrating and offering a helping hand to all our visitors throughout the day. You’ve made the most amazing cake Margaret and I’m honoured that you’ve spent so much time and effort making it just for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and I’m sure all the readers will join me in giving you a huge pat on the back. For once, you have the ‘thumbs up’ for heading to the kitchen instead of your knitting room and please accept my very sincere thanks.”

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