Ideas for unusual knitted items

I used a white shiny thin yarn, with some red and dark green.
Cast on over 190 needles, on a standard gauge machine, k 16 rows, a fold row, 32 rows, a fold row, 16 rows.
Hang cast on sts onto needles and cast off.
Join two ends together, and lightly press. it fitted perfectly around a 7 square cake, and looked really good.
The pattern happens over the middle 32 rows, which show; I used a holly and berries punchcard pattern sandwiched between a pair of narrow dark green stripes.

I’m new to this technology but I will include a picture if i can work out how.
I have just taken out a subscription to this magazine and look forward to receiving my first issue soon

Happy new Year to knitters everywhere.
Mannie McClelland
West Sussex


This looks incredible well done.
2010-11-03 17:58:24