Missing link

So I now have a Brother linker all due to MKM. I have two Brother machines and hadn’t thought about accessories at all.

Thank you for the article.
Best wishes from Ronda Green

I have had knitting machines since 1957.

I took a break for 5 years (back probs – eased by cortisone jabs into spine) and have now returned to my Brother kh970; my Knitmaster 321. All seemed to be o.k. (i ordered new sponge bars) until I started up the kg95 garter carriage. There was a grinding noise which turned out to be a long silver metal object which slots into a metal rectangle (called a foot??) a full installation is quite expensive and as the gizmo only fits into 2 slots.

Is it possible to obtain one and fit it myself? Any advice is welcome please.

Wendy (down-under)

2009-11-20 07:56:18