New for old sponge bar

Hi Anne

I’ve just replaced the sponge bar on my Singer Model 120. After trial and error, I put a strand of 100% pure thick wool in the bar and pushed it in with a spatula. Then I put white glue on it and laid in another strand of wool. I just pressed with my fingers to make sure it glued on. You might have to repeat pressing with your fingers every two or three minutes for fifteen minutes. Use the same spatula to push both strands about one inch at beginning and end, so the wool doesn’t get caught in the needles. It worked for me! Best, Gisele

3 thoughts on “New for old sponge bar

  1. I have also heard that someone filled the SK120 sponge bar with a piece of polar fleece successfully. I went to the Rubber Store and bought a piece of rubber of the right depth and as it was too wide, I cut it in half with scissors.

  2. Hi just checking – is this magazine available as an e magazine?

    1. Thanks for asking Kathy and currently the magazine is only available as a printed version.

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