Unravel It

1) Rewind the yarn onto cones, preferably the wide topped ones.
2) Place cone (s) in shallow microwave proof container and pour hot water round.
3) Cook for about 4 minutes. My microwave is tiny and only 750 degrees, so I’m severely constricted as to height and width. With bigger microwaves you may have to rethink the length of time and power. The important thing is to not let the water dry out. In my opinion, steam never kills acrylic, it’s only the appliance, the (iron or whatever) that does the damage.
4) Remove cones from microwave and allow yarn to dry on the cone. It doesn’t matter if the yarn gets wet, it just takes longer to dry. My photo shows three cones of 4-ply in the microwave which is my limit. Best wishes from Nancy Marchant in Oz.

I’ve been machine knitting for several years but had a pause for 8 years when I didn’t touch my machines.
I had no time for it but now I’ve started and I just love it. I have a question and it may be a bit stupid? I saw this message concerning unravelling yarn that’s completely unknown to me but I’m absolutely sure it’s something very useful. Can anyone tell me why you do it and explain how will the yarn changes after having been steamed?
2011-09-30 20:23:27