Calling all knitters and stitchers


Help create a river of yellow and blue on Sunday April 30, to line the route of the Tour de Yorkshire when it comes to the Bradford district.

Stage three of the world-class cycle race starts in the city centre and goes through large parts of the Bradford district. Bradford Council is encouraging individuals, groups, organisations and companies to get involved in helping to dress the entire 60 km of the route that comes through Bradford, with colourful bunting and flags. They are looking for people to knit or stitch bunting and flags of any shape or size in yellow and or blue, the colours of the Tour de Yorkshire. They’re also looking for textile or yarn companies who would be get involved by donating materials.

They are calling on individuals and groups including schools, Women’s Institutes, community organisations and companies to pull out all the stops to help trim up the city centre and the  towns, villages and communities along the route with knitted, stitched, quilted, crocheted, felted and woven bunting.  When the Tour de France Grand Depart went through the district in 2014 and they put out a similar appeal they got a great response. They want to inspire anyone whatever their craft be it knitting, sewing, stitching or crocheting to take part. Bradford is built on the wool trade and famous for its textiles so would like to bring this element to the celebration of this fantastic sporting event. For information about how to get involved please contact

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