Can you sew?

If you can sew and would like to help front line workers, Kate at The Makery offers a free ‘Scrubs’ pattern.

Kate writes: “I’ve made a FREE Scrubs pattern for you to do some useful sewing if you’d like to! My doctor friend asked if I could make her a set of Scrubs, as they’re very low at the hospital she works at. So it got me thinking and I made a pattern that anyone can use! Here’s a link if you’d like to make some too. You don’t need to download or print anything – you’ll just need to copy my pattern onto your fabric. I used a duvet cover and it just needs to be washed at 60 degrees and not be brushed cotton. There’s also a link to download the making-up instructions. I’ve only made SMALL so far, but MEDIUM and LARGE will follow very soon. If you don’t know any NHS workers who would benefit from these, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone who does. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see my sewing directly benefitting people on the front line, so hope you can help too. I’ve also included instructions to make a scrubs bag, if the Scrubs themselves feel too complicated. Stay safe, Kate x”

Kate then let us know that the medium size was ready.

“As promised I’ve made the MEDIUM pattern for Scrubs. So many of you have been busy making them, it’s incredible to see. Thank you for all the kind words from everyone. I spent much of yesterday in tears after having lots of gorgeous emails and calls following our piece in the Mail! (If you’ve not seen it, you can have a look here: ) Anyway, to download the MEDIUM pattern, please click here I’ve been promised a LARGE pattern this evening, so hoping to get that out to you tomorrow, followed by XL and XXL. Please, please continue to follow and tag us online with your makes. Our business is suffering at the moment as I know lots are, so mentions on social media are more valuable to us than ever before. I’ve popped our links below. Finally, a handful of amazing people yesterday asked to donate to help cover our costs in producing the pattern, materials for Scrubs, sending them all out etc. So we’ve set up a page if anyone else would like to make a small contribution for their copy of our pattern. No obligation of course, but under the circumstances, more appreciated than I can explain. Here’s that link: Thank you lovely people xx”

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