December 2020 (Issue 275)

You won’t need a colour changer for the cover design on our full-colour December 2020 issue. The yarn knits stripes from a single ball to give a stunning effect in stocking stitch and a different look with each ball you knit. We always tell you how to knit all our patterns on standard gauge machines and we’ve lots of designs this month, with plenty of ideas for festive knitting. Once again, our Designer Spotlight shines on Susan Guagliumi and an exclusive design which will soon be for sale on her website at We’ve another corona cardigan design from Karin Rogalski, to put us at ease after the second lockdown and Sally-Ann Carroll helps us to look good and feel great this Christmas. Bill King knits a few plain stripes that, as if by magic, he turns into zigzags! Bill also turns a bit of two-colour Fair Isle into some amazing cards for friends and family. Fay Butcher shows Duo 80 knitters how to knit tuck stitch with the Deco and Alison Dupernex shares her design for a scarf and wrist warmers to cheer up any cold morning. We always include news, reviews and club details and everyone has been knitting in lockdown so we’ve lots of ideas, hints and tips.

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