June 2023 update

Dear Readers

I very much enjoy keeping up with Nic Corrigan and her Machine Knit Community (www.mkc.community). Her inclusive, supportive community inspires knitters of all levels through classes, talks and workshops with leading designers and practitioners. Whether you’re a complete beginner, someone returning to their machine or an experienced knitter looking for a challenge, the community has lots to offer. There are workshops you can take at your own pace and step-by-step videos to get you started. Enjoy free technique classes, talks, KALs, challenges and masterclasses, along with access to a global international community. You’ll recognise familiar names such as our own Alison Dupernex, Bill King and Claire Newberry. Along with them and other MKC guest presenters is Kandy Diamond. She’s a designer, artist and senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Kandy teaches across the knitwear and textiles BA courses and she’s also one of MKC’s guest presenters.

Crowood Press has just published her book Discovering Machine Knitting, to help demystify our craft. For years, newbies have been crying out for a book that explains how a machine works, how stitches are formed and how we shape to make garments. Each chapter focuses on different skills and there are lots of projects to put the expertise into practice and make knits for yourself. At the end of each chapter, Kandy includes designer profiles to showcase the work of professional machine knitters. She hopes to inspire newbies and celebrate the huge potential for creativity in machine knitting. From troubleshooting and looking after the machine, to using advanced techniques such as intarsia and shaping, her book will help beginners fall in love with their knitting machine. If you work through all the step-by-step instructions and projects in her book, you’ll be designing and knitting your own garments by the end of it.

Publisher Crowood Press (www.crowood.com) Edition Paperback ISBN 978-0-71984-199-6 Size 215 x 260 mm Pages 160 Price £16.99

Readers of Machine Knitting Monthly cover every age group and level of experience anyone can imagine. So if you’re one of our newbies and need a gentle, helping hand, head for Nic’s Machine Knit Community. Make sure you’ve a copy of Kandy’s book close by. They’ll light up your machine knitting journey and fill you with the joy of our craft. Until next month, knit happy!

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