March update

Dear Readers

It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve arrived at another milestone in the magazine’s life, as this issue celebrates the 38th birthday of MKM. Now, as then, I’ve tried to include a mix of articles and patterns that I hope you’ll enjoy. Over the years we’ve seen some big changes in machine knitting, but the craft is still strong. I pass on a huge ‘thank you’ from the magazine’s contributors and advertisers, for your continued support. After all, it’s each one of you reading this now who has kept our craft alive!

You’ll read on Page 39 that we’ve reached the end of another chapter in machine knitting’s life. After much careful thought, Brenda has decided that Heathercraft Machine Knitting Centre will close. It’s simply too big a task to try to keep the shop open on her own. It’s a good opportunity, especially for Brother knitters, to get hold of much-needed equipment and spares from a reputable source. From 11th March and including the Easter Bank Holiday, Brenda will be happy to help if you’d kindly make an appointment. Do give her a call on 01293-851339 or email

Over the years, she’s taught a huge number of people to knit, so it’s good to know that she intends to carry on with her excellent personal tuition. She’ll also continue to sell lights, threads and books for lace. They’re part of her lace hobby and she hopes to find more time for it when things settle down. Whilst running the Centre with her late husband Doug, she’s met some lovely people. She’s asked me to pass on her sincere thanks for all your past custom and friendship and here’s her personal letter to you.

“Dear Friends

Thank you to all our customers from around the world for your support over many years. We moved into Bunglebee more than 40 years ago with my first knitting machine, a Knitmaster 321 and all my yarns cluttered up the garage. Since then we’ve gone on to greater things and I’ve many more knitting machines. We made a lot of friends as we travelled the country, visiting shows. It’s been a wonderful journey and a fantastic learning experience. I will miss it very much. All our stock must go, so please come and make your final visit before and during the Easter Bank Holiday.

Sincerest best wishes, Brenda”

As she says, all the stock must go, so do take this opportunity to find out what’s available.


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